What Is Auto Power Off on Dash Cam?

In simple terms we can say auto power off on dash cam means the camera shuts OFF after losing power. So auto power off on the dash cam means that the dash camera turns itself OFF by being inactive in order to save power.

To understand this better I will explain it in this way now you have turned ON the dash cam and you are doing anything at this scenario under 3-10 minutes the car will automatically turn OFF to save power.

This happens at the cost of the dash cam when is not recording anything if your dash cam has started recording it will not go auto power off.

Do Dashcams drain battery when car is off?

The dash cam turns ON when the ignition is On and when the ignition is OFF the dash cam gets OFF as well,

in most dash cam this is what happens and so when the dash cam gets OFF when the engine is OFF have no chances of draining your car battery but there is dash cam that comes parking mode features which makes sures the footages are getting recorded when the car is parked at a place.

So, for the dash cams that carries this feature will continue to draw power from the battery to function so if you have kept your car parked at a place for an extended period will lead to battery drain as power is drawn from the battery for a longer period if your battery is not healthy this scenario of power being drawn longer period can lead to wear and tear of your battery.

Should a dash cam have constant power?

The dash cams need constant supply of power to function well by recording footages of superior quality as these dash cams have been designed to draw power continuously for their working.

So, in order to draw power for their functioning these dash cams are connected directly to the power outlet of the vehicle so that it receives constant supply of power while the vehicle is in motion, at this type of setup there is no need for the dash cam to be charged separately for its functioning.

These dash cams are of not lithium based so they must be plugged in for their power.

There are two methods by which the dash cam receives power from the vehicle one is to connect the dash to cigarette lighter and this is a very simple method that provides power to the dash cam other one is to hardwire the dash cam to the fuse box through this method the dash cam receives constant supply of power for its functioning.

Should I unplug my dash cam at night?

If the dash cam that you have in your car is not having the auto shut off feature then there are chances of battery draining happening if not unplugged at night.

Apart from that there are some consequences that will show up if you leave your dash cam plugged at night which includes that your dash cam can get stolen.

Along with this when the dash cam is plugged in at night you have chances losing important footages due loop recording due to the continuous recording happening for new footages to be stored old footages would be over written as well as no motion detection cannot be happening as well.

How do I stop my dash cam from draining my battery?

There are methods that are there that can help you to overcome battery draining from the usage of your dash cam and they are:

  • Buy dash cam that comes with built in voltage meter which shuts off when the battery drops to a certain level.
  • Choice of your dash cam that offers good quality video recording with lower energy consumption.
  • Use a hardwiring kit and make your dash cam turn automatically off when the car is turned off, make the settings as such with the help of hardwiring kit.
  • Install a battery monitor to have regular check up on your car’s battery voltage level.

Can you leave dash cam on all the time?

The impact of leaving your dash cam on all time will be that of leading to battery draining and wear and tear of car’s battery as well your dash cam can also welcome attention that will lead to getting the dash cam stolen as well.

Summing it up

The auto power off in your dash cam make sures that the dash cam is turned off when you are doing nothing being in your vehicle that is the dash cam goes inactive this can happen under 3-10 minutes. The dash cam when kept plugged in for extended period of time can lead to battery draining as well as the dash cam getting stolen. In the above we have discussed different you can use to avoid battery draining. It is always recommended to unplug the dash cam when not in use.