What is electrostatic sticker for dash cam?

The electrostatic stickers are also known by the name of static cling sticker, it is more of like a sticker that does not contain an adhesive to stick to the surface instead it works as result of static electricity.

The electrostatic stickers are made of thin flexible vinyl plastic because of this the sticker adheres better on the surfaces of glass, plastic, or metal as well.

These stickers  cause no damage to place of adherence as it leaves no residue of adhesive to place of mounting of your dash cam, the surface will look clean if you are using electrostatic sticker to mount the dash cam on to your windshield and when you reposition the dash cam from that place there is no mark of adhesive as a matter of using this ,

might be new to someone who have been using adhesive mounts as a mounting agent.

What is the purpose of an electrostatic sticker?

These electrostatic stickers are used to stick the dashcam holder without any adhesive and firmly sticks it to the surface as a matter of static electricity.

These stickers are good to be used in store windows, office wall and doors and retail good packaging apart from mounting the dash cam.

These stickers are water -resistant and scratch proof as well as can be reusable and can be used to reposition the dash cam very easily and they look transparent film like thing.

Can electrostatic sticker be removed?

These electrostatic stickers can be easily removed as they are built as such, quick and easy with no residue left when it is repositioned from the original place whether it was the windshield of your car, the process is quite easy to remove the electrostatic stickers.

You can take use of your finger nails or a tweezer for your help, just peel along one side of sticker and gently lift the other side of sticker it will come off as easily as possible

with no additional effort applied make sure to clean the surface where this cling was previously placed with the use of cloth, as a whole the process of removing the cling sticker is an easy process.

How do you use electrostatic film on a dash cam?

Before you use this sticker on to your place of mounting clean the surface thoroughly with the help of a clean cloth.

So, if the area you have chosen is the windshield, then clean it with a cloth prior to using the sticker there. Now when you have finished cleaning the surface the peel off the protective layer of the cling sticker and press it for few seconds to leave off any  bubbles once you are done with that then peel off the second layer of protective layer and then press it firmly ,

once all of this over then stick the camera to cling sticker. The placing of this cling sticker in mounting the dash cam is quite an easy process when compared to use of adhesive mounts that leaves a residue in the case of removing it.

What do windshield static stickers do?

The windshield stickers also come by the name of cling stickers what works magic is that they do not leave any type of residue when you want to reposition your dash cam or while the adjusting the angle, there is absolutely zero residue.

This sticker firmly attaches the dash cam with the windshield with very easy steps that requires no additional tools, only for the purpose of installation you should clean the surface with a clean cloth then start installing the cling sticker for mounting the dash cam.

Do you need electrostatic film for dash cam?

By using adhesive mounts for the purpose of mounting the dash cam  there will be residue mark when you are removing for repositioning the dash cam for better angle ,so it will comes dirt and debris if left like that which requires use cleaning agents to make that place look clean ,

with the use of electrostatic stickers there is no room for any residue when you are planning to reposition it, go for cling stickers if you want residue free windshield and an ease at installation of the mount not only that they are scratch proof ,waterproof and can be re used as well.

Summing it up

The electrostatic stickers are also known as cling stickers, they have an easy step for installation and they work on the static electricity.

These stickers are made of poly vinyl plastic and they come as water resistant as well as scratch proof.

Unlike adhesive mounts who leaves residue on their place of mounting these cling stickers do not leave any residue when you want detach the dash cam from a place and reposition it making it a good alternative to adhesive mounts.


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