What Is G Sensor on Dash Cam & Dash Cam G Sensor Setting!

The Dash cams contributes to the work of an alert system in your car, these dash cams collect important evidences for you from the footages it records from the surroundings of the car at the time of threat or when your car is in the parking mode.

The dash cams are equipped with different features that enables it to do its work that comes with a price if you are installing a dash cam to your car. The features of a Dash cam include super night vision, GPS location, WIFI connectivity, High Resolution videos and certain brands of dash cams comes with a feature called G-sensor if you are not familiar with this term, let us understand this better in a simple way.

The G-sensor is a kind of sensor that registers any kind of vibrations that your car is subjected to. As a part of this when the dash cam G-sensor notices threat or detects that threat it can be a collision or an accident it does the dash cam to lock this emergency video that will not get erased even at the cost of when storage of dash cam gets compromised, this footage gets saved and is not lost at any cost.

Through this article we will understand the G-sensor in detail as well as what is the workings of the G-sensor in your dash cam adding on we will be also be looking at the different models of dash cams that comes with this feature.

What Is a G-Sensor in Dash Cam?

In the above we have spoken about G-sensor in simple way, by saying it type of sensor that exists in dash cam that registers any type of vibrations and locks the emergency video at the time of detection of an accident. Well, let us understand this a little better.

The G-Sensor enables the dash cam to detect any type of threat that surrounds your car which includes intense braking, a shock from collision or at the cost of any kind of vehicle that collides with your car leading to an accident. The sensor is also known as Gravity Sensor and so it comes the term G-Sensor that also comes by the term acceleration sensor. The G-Sensors application does not limit just to being in cars they also come built in phones as well. The G-sensor also comes by the name of accelerator that works by the way of registering the force of impact when the incident has happened or as per the force applied during the time of the event or the collision. There are many benefits of having a G-Sensor in your dash cam which we will be discussing below.

Benefits of G-Sensor in Dash Cam

The benefits of G- sensor in your dash cam come with many numbers of benefits that is at the cost protecting the video of evidence of the threat or the accident that could be of great importance to you and that is not the only benefit the G-Sensor is providing you they are as follows:

  • The design of G-sensor in your dash cam comes at the cost of providing you with concrete evidence at the detection of a threat-this sensors registers the force applied  at the time the accident or any other way threat that come by the of intense braking, what the sensor does is that it assigns the dash cam to save the video collected at this time of threat or the collision without loosing it at the cost of the loop recording features ,this emergency video gets locked and serves as the concrete evidence for the vehicle owner for the later proceedings with the authorities.
  • It comes as a safe space to get insurance discounts -As the authenticity of the footage is of top notch saving you from unnecessary pay out and provides you with discounts on your premium.
  • Gives an ease in the parking mode-The sense of ease and the provision of protection at the time of parking is another benefit of having G-sensor in your dash cam ,at the time where your goes into parking ,or the car is parked at an area any type of threat occurred whether another car crashed to your vehicle ,at that very moment the G-sensors immediately gets the trigger and starts the recording and gives you a complete evidence of the event that comes handy as a concrete evidence.
  •  The crucial evidence gets automatically recorded and gets saved with no prior assistance from the driver, it is more of like a self -monitoring system.  
  • The driver is at ease and gets ample amount of mindfulness as the vehicle owner is provided important footages of threat at the very instance of the event and any sort of setting does not need to put or intervened, and the evidence is very crucial to the driver.

Get to know the workings of G-sensor

The G-Sensor can detect movement from all directions which includes up and down, forward, and backward that works like more of a 3-dimensional axis. The G- sensor is set up with value of force ,that upon the detection of  a threat or an accidents if the force applied is greater than the pre-set value in the G- sensor the footage gets captured that is its goes into an Event mode at the cost of this footage gets locked and never would be overwritten at loop recording as data gets saved as an emergency file. The dash cam works based on acceleration so on the detection of such an extensive force applied because of braking, colliding the G-Sensor on your dash cam detects the change and records the events automatically until the engine is turned off. As all these events are happening at the fraction of seconds, upon the detection of the force from the event occurred about 5secs before the events and 15 seconds after the event.

The setting of the G-sensor can be adjusted as per the requirement of the vehicle owner relating to the sensitivity of the sensor to the event it can be done from High, Low, Medium the footage gets locked on detection of the events and footage is stored as emergency footage.

dash cam g sensor setting

If you have gone through the above you might have understood that G-senor can be adjusted based on the requirements of the vehicle owner. This can be done by using the video option menu option on your dash cam, once you have taken this the adjustments can do as following:

  1. First select the video menu option on your dash cam, then proceed to do the setting as per what you want.
  2. The setting in the option is low, high, medium, and off.
  3. Before you go further, there are things that you need to think about it that is if the setting is kept high the sensitivity of the G-Sensor would be higher and would lead to protecting a greater number of files, whereas if you are planning to go for lower sensitivity it means the sensitivity would be the least and this would be beneficial for general driving as well as for smaller car, lower sensitivity would do the work.
  4. Now you have done the settings, then accordingly the footages will get recorded and gets saved as emergency files which can be viewed on the display and get stored on to the USB Storage device.

BlackVue G-Sensor Settings

In BlackVue settings go to Firmware settings and choose the sensitivity option. After selecting this you can see two options parking mode and G-sensor. Then select G-sensor option and adjust the sensitivity to high and low as per your requirements this comes in numbers 1 -5, so adjust it to what you want it as high and low. In the G-Sensor you have the normal mode and the parking mode and the movements of the events are captured as UP and Down, Front and Back and side to side, you can adjustments as what you need to just slide from 1-5 for you high and low sensitivity settings. To turn this Off there is G-sensor sensitivity off option as well.

Viofo A129 G-Sensor Setting

The G-sensor is recommended to set as High to as this can capture any vibration as impacts, vandalism, and this can adjusted in the driving mode, however Low on the G-sensor sensitivity can avoid too many files getting saved at the event of minor vibrations.

Nextbase G-Sensor Setting

In the Nextbase dash cam the G-sensor can be activated by Video menu option where you can see G-sensor which can adjusted to high, low, and OFF and high sensitivity is recommended to protect a greater number of footages as they can detect the slightest of vibrations and lock them as emergency files.

Why Is G-Sensor Important?

The G-Sensor is totally one on one thing that has great benefits to the vehicle owners as it does its works with  no manual intervention from the driver once the settings has been doneThe G-sensor makes concerete evidence to driver on the action of the impact and saves the footage on collision detection and no footages would be lost due to loop recoding feature as once the footage gets recorded they are saved as emergency files.So,if  you are at a price to get a dash cam with G-Sensor its totally worth what it says and does ,it  predominantly makes and stores footages that would present itself as great evidence to you.

Summing it Up

The Dash comes that comes G-sensor, they are the provision of providing you with footages with total protection and it in turn works as the evidence to the incident of threat that had occurred. The G-sensor must be set accordingly to what requirements the driver needs as high sensitivity can detect any small and vibration and low sensitivity can be suitable for minor vehicle, this G-sensor automatically starts recording on detection of the vibration that is it goes into even mode and start doing its works. Overall, it works well to give you proper evidence to any event of threat and makes the dash worthwhile to have.


1, What are the settings for the G-Sensor on a Dash Cam?

The setting for the G-sensor on the dash cam are high, low and off.

2, What is the use of G-Sensor?

The G-sensor can detect sudden deceleration or acceleration.

3, What does a high G-Sensor mean?

This means files gets locked with slightest of trigger or vibrations.


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