What is The Use of Car Dash Camera?

The dash cams are known as silent witness in regards to the functions they perform while being installed on to your car.

There are dash cams that comes with single channel as well as dual channel with the use of single channel is that you can recordings from the front side of your vehicle well with the usage of dash cams with dual channel you get both front camera footages aside that you get footages from the rear end of the vehicle which comes of great use to you if any type of accident or road rage activities had occurred from the backside of your vehicle.

The dash cam footages come as solid evidence in the time of any incident of threat or accident which can aid you in getting your insurance coverage as the footages becomes solid evidence that can be presented to them along with that it can be also submitted as police evidence as well.

There are dash cams which comes GPS connectivity which can help you in the instances of false speeding ticket as the footages captured by the dash cam will have speed details along with the details of location all which gets recorded with a time stamp, this can cover your claims if you falsely accused. Apart from this there are dash cam that comes parking mode which records footages when your vehicle gets parked at a place.

The dash cam works as additional layer of security and aids you in understanding your driving patterns as such, they also work as a monitoring system for parents when the car is with the teen-drivers. Although usage of dash cams does not lower your insurance premiums.

Do dash cameras record all the time?

The dash cam gets turn on when the vehicle ignition is on and turns off when the ignition is off so as long as your vehicle is on the dash cam does the recording that is when the ignition is on the dash cam starts to record automatically without any further manual assistance from the driver. 

If you want dash cam that provides you around the clock protection which is you want the system of surveillance and security even when the ignition is off and the vehicle gets parked at a place you have chose a dash cam which comes with parking mode feature or in order to give power to dash cam when the engine is off you have to hardwire your dash cam which makes sure that your dash cam get constant supply of power required to function properly.

The downside of using dash cam with parking mode over extended period of time is that they can drain your vehicle’s battery and cause wear and tear so it advised to use dash cam with power saving features or use additional battery packs and the usage of hardwiring kits to prevent draining from the usage of dash cam.

What is the downside of dashcam?

There are few downsides to the usage of dash cam along with the benefits they provide:

  • The dash cam become distracting to drivers if they get involved in adjusting the settings or the angle for viewing leading to the matter of the driver getting diverted and losing attention from driving.
  • The usage of dash cam video footage along with audio recording is quite intrusive as invades privacy of individuals as such and there are certain countries which bans getting audio recording as well.
  • If you leave your dash cam outside for a very long time it can bring unwanted attention to your vehicle as there is high chance of getting your vehicle looted along with attempting theft and intruders can even vandalize your vehicle.

Do car cameras record when car is off?

Most dash cams turn off when ignition is off but there are dash cam models which comes with parking mode which still continue to record when the vehicle is parked at place while the engine is being off.

Do dash cameras record audio?

There are dash cam models which comes with microphone along with them which does audio recording along with video recording.

Summing it up

The dash cams come with benefits as well downsides which we have discussed above, they work as a system of security and surveillance giving you concrete evidence in giving to the police as evidence at the instance of an accident or other type of threat, although usage of dash cam cannot lower your insurance premiums, they can get help to you in getting your insurance coverage as footages from the dash cam aids to support your claims. Most dash cam goes off when the ignition is off, the parking mode dash cams functions when the ignition is off and the vehicle is being parked at a place.


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