What Is Wdr on Dash Cam? [5+Reasons Not to Miss Them]

If you are someone who loves travelling along the light and along the line of darkness, you should know about what is wdr on dash cam!

This feature on your dash cam is taking you to places in the time of lights and darkness. We can talk about this in a more precise manner, as defining WDR Or Wide Dynamic Range as a feature of your dash cam in other words a technology that enables capturing of images of areas covering differing range of light and darkness, to give an output by processing all other images in to one superior image.

This feature can be helpful in the cases of while traveling a deep tunnel, or going through areas that carry least light, a very mild light source. The WDR has been developed to capture license plates, sign boards on the roads in areas of dim light. A very necessary feature that is has been very beneficial to drivers on the road.

What Is WDR On Dash Cam?

The Wide Dynamic Range is a feature on the dash cam that is equipped with the processors and sensors to capture multiple images and give the result of a single image with details under the circumstance of low light, apart from the range of highly lit areas. This is of great uses for areas of low light and very beneficial to drivers at such an instance.

The WDR comes in a set up that it is being set as to which it adjusts itself to the exposure level it is being put into whether its a low light area. By this adaptive feature they capture images by eliminating the over exposure due to high light and underexposure due to dim light, they balance out to give you an image or video showcasing the details like license plates, road signs or pedestrians to give an output that is beneficial to the driver to avoid threats that is bound to come and prevent any kind of collision from happening.  

What make up the working of WDR?

Every camera works with their shutter speed factor, that is the same case here as well. The shutter speed controls the amount of light entering the camera. The feature on the camera is developed in a way that it can capture images at low light as well, that means it has a differing range of light and darkness it can capture.

The WDR works on the matter that it captures multiple images and then using the multiple sensors to process it to single image at the stake of camera lens, software. The images are captured at two exposures, that is based on two exposure levels which includes one on dark side and other one on the brighter side. The processors then convert these multiple images captured into single images into details with help of sensors on them. The result is a single image that comes as a combination of all these multiple images with required details.

Why should you keep your WDR On or OFF?

If you want to get good quality images keep the WDR On as you get the images of highly quality in adverse conditions like low light which can bring underexposed images in other cases so to avoid such a dilemma keep it On. But if you do not want to get that looks washed out during the times of low contrast turn it off ,this will show images with good colors.

Tips to Maximize the Use of Your WDR Cameras

To any use any product at its best there are tips and tricks that needs to be followed. We will look at them one by one as we move along.

  • Nothing comes well if you do not install the camera’s properly: The first key step to do, is to install the camera by following the correct steps. The proper position is what brings the best result to the table. Keep it in a proper angle such that the image processed and received would be of best quality.
  • Keep the lens and camera clean: If there is anything one the lens, have thorough look at those and remove what is there that can stop you from getting a proper complete view.
  • Check for regular firmware updates: This can give you additional benefits as updates comes with upgraded performance to your cameras and makes it working better.
  •  Quality footages comes with good storage space: As WDR gives you high quality images, you have understood the fact of taking up a good amount of storage space. So, get a good storage device for this purpose so there is a seamless availability of footage for viewing and transfer
  • Follow through your footage recorded: Have a look at your footage on a regular basis, like a thorough check this would look like can save you from detecting issues for your dash cam if any occurs and can be resolved at then and there without any delay

What’s difference between WDR and HDR camera?

HDR means high-definition range and WDR abbreviates to wide dynamic range. Now let us understand the key differences among the two

  • The HDR capture a single image per frame and not multiple images like the WDR, which captures multiple images per frame and covert them to images with clarity and details.
  • The HDR works on Hardware processing technology whereas WDR works on software processing technology
  • HDR only supports static images whereas WDR supports dynamic videos or photos

Reasons Why You Should Choose WDR Dash Cams

There are several reasons to which you should be using the WDR in your Dash cam as we have spoken about what is it capable above, let us a look at those promising things that WDR offers to us each carefully:

  • No compromise on image clarity: What makes WDR, the features an add on matter is the fact to which it offers the highest image clarity, and there is no compromise on that. As it comes with a technology that enables it to capture multiple images of differing range of light and darkness and process it to a single image of superior quality with details on the road are never missed out at any cost.
  • Versatility and affordability: It is quite affordable to the function it performs and how that is being beneficial to the drivers, as time progress new companies will show up products making it more accessible to drivers.

The clarity of images is of what that makes WDR a very reliable feature to the driver’s so the night time is what tests this features to itself.

  • Highly efficient and crisp image quality at night: Even though that is what it is being meant for the performance that is its shows is exceptional and is of great benefit to drivers at night, and keep a safe line to watch out for.
  • Highly capable processors: These are brains behind the results and are what brings the superior quality of images to life
  • Capturing trinkets of details with no lapse: The images captured carries licensed plates along with signs on the road, even in the darkest or dimmed light, the driver gets a proper processed image.
  •  Long lasting

Places to install WDR Camera

  • Office Areas; This can help in improving the safety at the offices or record any activities of theft or crime at instance of time there.
  • Warehouses; Since this is a place you store valuable good, there is high chance of theft or nay kind of damages that can happen to the goods belonging there, and this get full coverage to as multiple locations as such.
  • Front door of your home: Any incident theft or burglary can be prevented, if they are installed at proper positions so the placement is the key here, so this works key as it comes privacy protections so the location must keep as such as garage, drive ways and basements
  • Entrance of offices: Again, in order to prevent any kind of unauthorized entry from outside as well as keep an eye over the movement of people ,any kind of unauthorized activities as follows.

Who carries best dash cam with WDR under $100?

So, by taking under the factor of budget, you can look out for Z-Edge Z3Pro, which comes under about $100, and followed by Kingslim D5-4K Dash Cam cost about $ 75 and 70mai Smart Dash Cam 1S which cost about $40. These are a few that comes under this budget there are other options as well in the market matching to your requirements and budget.

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Final thoughts

Its your choice to keep the WDR on your dash cam or not, now that applies to your requirements as such, as needs differs from people to people. The benefits of having WDR you have understood from above, so now knowing the key benefit of them. I hope you have a better clarity on to decide whether to purchase it or not, as most of the dashcams does not come with WDR you should be ready to spend enough money to get the benefit of the WDR for you purpose of driving. There are budget options as well as Dash cam with your specified requirements, so find your match from the different options available in the market.


What is WDR on a dashcam?

Its abbreviated as Wide dynamic range, this enables capturing images at low light or highly lighted areas with the help of multiple sensors, this is a software-based technology. This feature capture multiple images and process it to single image for the viewer with the technology it carries.

Which is better HDR or WDR?

WDR is better than HDR, as its capabilities when compared wares out differentially based on number of factors, as WDR is a sensor-based technology and provides dynamic images and vides when compared HDR which provides static images.

Should I use wide dynamic range?

Yes, for surveillance purpose at night, areas if low light its good option to use this feature in areas where having changing conditions throughout.

Does a dash cam record your speed?

Yes, certain dash cam records speed and display as per their capability.