What SD card is needed for dashboard camera?

The dash cam that you are being using has higher resolution, that is if it is a 4K resolution dash cam the footages captured by the dash cam would be higher file size which can take up huge space on your SD card, also as per your usage you can decide the SD capacity.

There certain factors you should keep in mind while you are choosing a SD card for your dash cam which includes:

  1. The resolution of your dash cam, if it is a 4K dash cam the footages file size is of much higher than that of dash cams with 1080p or Full HD dash cams.
  2. The most dash cam comes with loop recording feature and that is how the memory is managed on the storage device, the larger the capacity of the SD card the more it reduces the chance of write cycles on the SD card and extends the life of your memory car, so rewriting is one such reason.
  3. The usage time that is for day to day driving with a 1080p dash cam, for drive recording for about 1 hour can take about 6GB of your memory card space so when you go in for a week on the day-to-day basis a 64GB will not suffice as majority of its space will get full by a week.
  4. The better the frame rate the smoother the video when slowed and so those dash cam with 60fps gives you quality footages at the cost of taking good amount of space on your SD card.

The main thing you have to remember is that do not go for general purpose SD card for your dash cam always go for those high-endurance SD cards from reputed companies as they have capacity to hold the stress of rewriting or loop recording otherwise the SD card if of a poor quality can get damaged by the stress of big file size along with loop recording leading to getting the SD corrupted ,damaged as well loosing all the footages as a process to this.

What happens if an SD card is full dash cam?

The most dash cams of today comes with a feature called as loop recording ,due to which the when the storage on the SD card gets full the old footages gets overwritten  by newer footages in this way the storage gets managed on the SD card ,

however general purpose SD cards will not be able to handle the stress of loop recording and can get corrupted only high endurance SD cards can manage the stress that comes from rewriting or loop recording.

This feature makes sure that your dash cam keeps functioning even at the instance of when the memory getting full, even with the loop recording feature those emergency footages that comes from parking mode or motion detection does not get over written as they are locked and saved as emergency file if your dash cam comes with such features.

How often to reformat SD card for dash cam?

Formatting your SD card is a key step towards maintaining your dash cam  and it is always recommended to format your SD card every few weeks this makes sures that your SD card function properly.

This makes sure older files of footages get deleted and more space is provided for newer file to get recorded on to your SD card such that this gives your SD card best way to perform well without getting damaged under the stress of overwriting as well with storing the bigger files.

How long does a 256GB SD card last in a dash cam?

A 256 GB SD card can record up to 16 hours of footage non-stop but again this can vary because of your dash cam settings along with its video quality as well and 256 GB SD card comes enough for continuous recording for long journeys as well ,

but using a card of this bigger capacity saves your time and energy as you do not have to regularly transfer files manually as well as delete older footages for freeing up space for newer footages that gets captured by the dash cam.

How long will 128GB SD card record dash cam?

A 128GB SD card can record up to 8 hours of footage non-stop as per the dash cam settings as well as according to the video quality of the dash cam you

have been using and yes, this type of SD card capacity is ideal for long journey of continuous recording.

The SD cards with higher capacities comes with a price, so it should match with your budget.

Is it illegal to delete dash cam footage?

It is always recommended to keep your dash cam footages save and preserved, and yes if you delete dash cam footages which pertains to any type of legal matters,

the very act of deleting it will be considered as tampering of the evidence and you can get pressed with charges on finding about the same.

However if the police have to charge you with anything they should have valid reason to do ,or along with that they should have proof that they very act you did was illegal and they produce evidence for that to press you with charges for illegal activity.

Summing it up

In the above we have discussed about what all factors you should consider while getting a SD card for your dash cam and we have talked about those factors in detail as well.

Make sure that the SD card of your choice should be a high-endurance card which should be from reputed companies.

Those dash cams with higher resolution would definitely need SD cards of higher capacity such as 128 GB or 256 GB, better the capacity the least time and energy you have to spent on manually transferring the files in order to delete the older footages.


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