When Does a Dash Cam Start Recording?

The dash cam gets turned on when the ignition is on and gets turned off when the ignition is off. So, we can say that the dash starts automatically recording when your car’s engine is turned on.

The dash cam requires constant supply of power for their functioning so they are directly connected to standard accessory outlet in your car,

other ways to supply power to your dash cam is to hardwire your dash cam to the car’s fuse box also this method comes with ad advantage that when the sensors detect any triggers or vibration this can prompt the dash cam to automatically record the footage of that incident of threat or sudden breaking that occurred in your car.

Dash Cam working

The dash cams are mounted on to the windscreen with the help of mounting agents such as adhesive mounts and suction cups, so the dash cams are mounted and adjusted the angle as such it does not obstruct the view of the driver.

The dash cams automatically gets turned on when the engine is on as these dash cam are connected to 12 V accessory outlet or by hardwiring it to the vehicle’s fuse box and footages recorded come out as about 3 minute short clips on the incident as per the feature of loop recording feature of your dash cam that stores these footages on to SD cards ,

which can seamlessly transferred to your smartphone or laptops through the Wi-Fi connectivity feature of your dash cam.

What ways your dash cam keeps you safe?

Dash cams are very beneficial to the drivers, this includes:

  • The provide concrete evidence in time of accident or road rage activities as the footages from the rear dash cam and front dash cam will come fool proof in understanding whose fault it was, at the same time it alerts the driver about the type of threat the driver would be facing while the car is in motion.
  • GPS and Speed tracking -The dash cams records speed, time, location when the car is moving through and would be beneficial in for accurate reading of speed when coming across the speeding tickets this can help you to prove your innocence.
  •  It can help you reversing as well as parking your car at place of your choice by giving you full view of your surroundings.
  • Monitors the driver’s driving patterns helping to understand the hits and misses encountered at the time of parking or while the car is in motion.

Do Dashcams film all the time?

The dash cam starts automatically recording when the engine is turned on but it can be kept for continuous recording due to incidents of threat, vandalism with the help of loop recording feature with enabling this you get footages as how long the dash cam is kept on for, the footages get recorded on to the SD card as older footages would be written over by newer footages.

To keep your dash cam to record all the time you will require a rear- and front-end dash cam that comes hardwire kit as well as parking mode features. There are dash cams in the market that comes with this round the clock protection which do not have the risk of battery draining in overnight.

Do dash cameras record when parked?

The dash cam that comes with parking mode feature will record footage when the vehicle is parked as in most dash cams it shuts off when the engine is turned off.

The parking mode feature enabled dash cam records footages when your vehicle is parked at a place and detects any threat with its sensors that wakes up the dash cam to start recording dash cam footage of type of vibrations that had triggered the dashcam to start capturing the footages.

What is better about this feature is that you can get live access to this footage as well as the footage captured in the day and night comes very clear not missing out on any type of details.

Can Dashcams be used against you?

Dash cams can be used against you if it has footages to the incident that shows the responsibility of yours in causing the incident or the collision as well as low quality videos would not be viable as evidence in the court.

Summing it up

The dash cam starts recording when the engine is turned on and when the engine is of the dash cam turns off. However, if you want round the clock protection and surveillance you can go for dash cams that comes with parking mode features which helps you get footages of your car’s surroundings from the place where it is parked. The dash cam offers a sense of security and peace of mind to drivers as well as provides concrete evidence for court proceedings.