Where Does a Dash Cam Plug Into? (important)

The dash cam is plugged into your car’s cigarette lighter outlet or the USB power port this is done as such that the dash cam can get constant supply of power when the car engine is on, the dash cam gets turned on when the ignition is on and turns of when the ignition is off. There are good things that comes by if you are powering your dash cam through the Cigarette lighter outlet or USB power port which includes:

  • Leaves no worry on the battery life as the dash cam gets turn on when the engine is on as well gets off when the engine is off as in when not in use the dash cam is not going to be pulling any power from the car battery.
  • The dash cam recording comes as automatically as ignition is on, with no further assistance from the driver in order to start the recording process.

How do I connect my dash cam to my power supply?

The dash cam can be connected to the power supply by using 12 V power cable to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and this method is recommended for single channel dash cam whereas for dual channel dash cam you require rear connecting cable which connects rear camera to the front.

The dash cam you have purchased comes with 3-4 meters of power cord ,now one end of the power cord is plugged into the dash cam whereas the other male adaptor is plugged into the cigarette lighter outlet or your USB power port ,now what works well is that power is given when the ignition is on so there is no worry of battery draining when the dash cam is not in use.

However, there are some negative aspects to connecting the dash cam to cigarette lighter outlet which is that these cables will be visible as they are running from the dash cam to the cigarette lighter outlet which will affect the aesthetics of the interior as such, if the wire are not kept in discreet.

Does a dash cam have to be wired into the car?

The dash cam has to be wired in to the car if you are using a dash cam that is battery powered at the same the removal of them is also quite easy ,these dash cam that are wired in to cigarette lighter outlet are called as plug in dash cams.

There are good sides to using dash cams as well dash cams that are belonging to plug in or comes to the point of where for power supply the dash cam is connected to 12 V accessory outlet.

The good part of this is that these dash cams can be installed easily with no hassle along with that they are quite affordable as well as portable and the limitations to this includes the dash cam does not give a discreet look as well, they lack parking mode feature.

Do dash cameras record all the time?

The dash cam turns on when the engine is on and turns off when the engine is off, so as long as the engine is on the dash cam can record footages, but you are instance where you want round the clock 24 hours surveillance for your car at the place of parking,

this can be implemented by using the dash cam that comes with parking mode features which records footages while the car is parked another way to hardwire your dash cam to your car’s fuse box to provide supply of power for the dash cam stay awake and record the footage when the car is stationery.

Can I connect dashcam to power bank?

There is no problem to connecting your dash cam to a power bank if you want short term recording and it is not recommended for the usage of powering your dash cam as there are number of safety concerns as well as reliability and capability of the power bank to supply power to the dash cam is also not up to a mark or rather it is not worthy of.

It is always recommended to go for an additional battery pack instead of going for a power bank as an alternative source of power.

Summing it up

The dash cams are plugged into 12 V accessory outlet or the cigarette lighter outlet to provide the dash cam with constant supply of power which gets provided if the engine is on and the dash cam would get off when the engine is off.

In this type of a setup there is no worry for battery draining of your car as dash cam turns off when the ignition is off and it is quite easy to set up the dash cam connected to 12 V accessory outlet as installation process comes handy.


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