Where to Mount Rear Dash Cam on Pickup Truck?

The rear dash cam is recommended to be mounted on to the interior of the rear window as such if your rear window moves or slides along horizontally of vertically

it is recommended to be mounted on to place that does not move this make sures that the dash cam stays safe and does not fall off and the front dash cam shall be mounted on to the windshield while the power shall be connected to the dash cam via the 12 V accessory outlet or cigarette lighter outlet also it can be powered with the mode of hardwiring the dash cam.

For extended parking mode use the dash cam can be powered by the use of additional battery packs which ensures that the battery of your car does not get drained at the same time you have option to get the footages from the dash cam when your car is parked at place along the line of when the car ignition is off.

Where should a rear dash cam be placed?

The rear dash cam installation might longer cable as per the vehicle you are planning to mount up on.

The dash cam should be placed on the top center of the rear windshield this become as a good placement due to fact which from here it get the coverage maximum for the angle from left to right side as such.

Apart from this placement another option you can consider is to mount it on to the dashboard facing backwards as this mounting can be giving a different perspective as this can be good placement for those vehicles that comes windshield that heavily tinted or there is certain level of obstruction.

Make sure that the installation of the rear dash cam does not get involved for distracting the view of the driver along with this should not also interfere with the safety features of your vehicle as well.

The rear dash cam comes handy in time of parking as this can give you idea on the obstacles or the objects behind the back of your vehicle along with that you can also get an understanding of the space between the back of your vehicle as well objects around your car.

The rear dash cam gives you footages to any event of collision or other threat like scenarios from the backside of your vehicle which comes as concrete evidence when combined with front dash cam footages as well.

Where is the best mounting location for dashcam?

The best place to recommend as for the dash cam installation would be the windshield of your car what you are supposed to make sure while you mount the dash cam on the windshield is such that view should not get obstructed by the sunshade as per the windshield wiper area, make sure to keep this in mind while you mount the dash cam on to the windshield along with this it also advised to mount the dash cam behind the rear view mirror again make sure that this does not interfere with your line of sight.

Another option is to think about is to mount the dash cam on to the dash board, this placement can give you unobstructed view through the windshield but make sure to keep the dash cam in reach of the windshield wipers as well make sure that the mounting of the dash cam is done in a manner that it is free from sunshades or dots.

When you decide on what place you are going to mount the dash cam make sure that you use the right mounting agent for that purpose which ensures that the dash cam is staying on it place.

Should I install rear dash cam?

The rear dash cam captures footages from the backside of your vehicle, so when rear dash cam is installed, it can give you essential footages that show evidence to any event of collision or the driver who had done hit and run on back side of your vehicle it is also said that the tailgaters back off when the see rear dash cam on the vehicle.

In the event of an accident or a collision that had occurred on the back of your vehicle, if you only have a front dash cam it comes of no use to you for getting insurance claims or going to authorities as such, but if you carry rear dash cam along with front dash cam it comes as great benefit you in the case of reporting to the police as well going to the insurance companies at the hand of the concrete evidence of footages from rear dash cam.

What angle should a dash cam be?

Mostly dash cam’s field of view comes between 130 degrees to 160 degree of field of view ,this is seen common in most dash cams in the market, the benefit of wider field of view is that you get a better view of the surroundings of your vehicle again this comes with image distortion as well as a decrease in resolution.

Does your insurance go down if you have a dash cam?

You do not get any discount in your insurance but you have the chance to submit concrete evidence that can get you availed for the insurance coverage, as the footage shows the events as well the mistake by whom have caused the accident.

Summing it up

The placement of the rear dash cam on a pick-up truck is recommended as to be on interior of the rear window along with this front dash cams can be placed on the dashboard or the windshield of your vehicle, make sure that the placement is done in a way that the view of the driver does not get obstructed as well.

In the above we have discussed about the best placements for dash cams as well the best field of view range for dash cams.


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