Which Dash Cam Has the Best App? Full Comparison!!!

There are plenty of dash cams that comes with their companion apps here we will be looking at those dash cam that carries their best companion apps that has favourable features that can enhance the safety and surveillance of your car, and we will be recommending apps for android platforms as well as for iPhone as well.

  • Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam and the companion app is MyNextbase Connect -This dash cam comes provide you with superior video quality in all lighting conditions and serves easy for mounting as well as easy to operate. The video resolution of the dash cam is 4K UHD which gives crystal clear images along with that this dash cam carries a wide-angle lens of 140 degree with 3-inch touch screen display. The dash cam comes with GPS connectivity along with Emergency SOS features which send GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts at time of an accident or a collision. The companion app allows you download, share and upload footages to a smartphone or other devices along with the parking mode sensitivity can be done through the app settings. The app can be used by both android and iPhone users.
  • Garmin Dash Cam live and its companion app Garmin Drive App-this dash cam comes with 140 degrees wide angle lens with a three-inch display with a SD card of 16 GB with cloud back up which comes as subscription service as such. This is a battery powered dash cam with features of driver assistance and parking mode as well as voice command option. Adding on the dash cam also has GPS connectivity. The Garmin drive app is an easy to navigate app that allows you to control settings with the voice command like viewing footages as well as handling storage transfers. The app is compatible to Android 6.0 higher and for iPhone IOS version 12 or higher.

What is the best free dash cam app for iPhone?

The best free dash cam app for iPhone shall be the Nexar AI app.This is the world’s first AI dash cam app that continuously provides you with footages from the front of your vehicle as well by usage of this app you can see live footages from your dash cam.

The app can give you 3D reconstruction on how hard your car was hit in an accident that your car got into this would be done as per your phone’s telemetry data.

Along with this the app records license plates of bad drivers and can alert you in the future when you come across the same as well as it can activate the internal cameras to capture footages, and this can be handy to ride share drivers or uber drivers to get footages of passengers.

What is the best software to view dashcam footage?

Dash cam viewer is good software that can help you watch the footages on web viewer as this available in Mac and Windows as well as it compatible to over 140 models of dash cams in the market and it known for its compatibility along with translation of GPS data along with organizing the footages or the data, it comes with paid features as well. 

Do you need a subscription for a dash cam?

The usage of dash cam does not come with any subscription as such for many models available in the market. But in order to access to certain features like Cloud Connectivity there are certain dash cam models that offers subscription service for the usage of this and this fee can come as monthly or yearly as well. There are dash cam models that offers subscription services for GPS tracking as well. What you should know that is basic dash cam will not have high end features but those dash cams that comes with these will have fee for that provision of service they provide you.

Does dash cam keep recording when car is off?

Most dash cams turn off when the ignition is off and turns on when the ignition is on. But there are dash cam models available in the market that runs when the car is off, this is due to fact they are coming with a feature called parking mode which records footage of your car is parked is at a place and the engine is off.

Summing it up

There are good dash cams that comes with great companion apps which comes as ease on the navigation as well ease on changing the settings required to make the dash cam function properly. In the above we have discussed about those dash cams and companion app’s features together. Along with this we have also suggested the software that is best as web viewer for dash cam.


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