Which Dash Cam Is Best for Semi Trucks?

The semi-trucks do require dash cam with healthy number of features that can provide with superior footages as well as provide them safety alerts as well. These are few recommendations of dash cam for semi -trucks, they are listed below:

  • Nextbase 622 GW

Price –$399.99

Features -The dash comes with superior 4K resolution giving you crystal clear images and footages with 3-inch rear touch screen along with that the dash cam carries features such as Emergency SOS, Parking mode along with the Alexa support.

The dash cam comes with 140 degrees wide of view along with their 4K resolution adding on the dash cam provides clear images at day and night as well.

There is built in Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity that follows along the other features of the dash cam. This dash cam should be total go if you are not bothered by the pricing as it comes at $399.99 which is quite expensive but the features are well to go buy this one.

  • Garmin Dash Cam 66W

Price –$249.99

Features –The Garmin dash cam 66W comes with 2-inch display and the video resolution is of 1440p along with wide angle lens of 180 degrees offering you wider range of details of your car’s surroundings with a frame rate of up to 60 fps giving you smoother images even when the video is slowed down.

Along with that the dash cam comes with built in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity and safety features includes Vehicle or lane monitoring and internal accident monitor and the dash cam also does not miss out on providing you with parking mode features. The Garmin Dash Cam 66W works well in day and night at the varying light conditions. This dash cam has to be good for your purchase.

  • Thinkware U1000

Price –$449.99

Features -This dash cam is dual channel that has highest resolution among all other dash cams in the market. It carries a wide-angle lens of 140 degree with 4K UHD front cam recording and 2K UHD rear cam recording, as well as the dash cam carries built in Wi-Fi and road alert systems.

Thinkware U1000 has superior night vision features as super video enhancement technologies to provide superior quality footages at all lighting conditions as such. The cloud services of this dash cam are free along with mobile app as well.

Along with Time Lapse, Motion detection and impact detection there is additional feature this dash cam carries called as Radar Sensor which extends the dash cam’s parking mode capabilities for a extended period according to the user.

How do I know which dash cam to buy?

Before buying the dash cam take a look at what are your needs and requirements as per that check for dash cam that offers features that matches to your needs and requirements. We will be looking at all those factors you have to keep in mind on what basis you can choose your dash cam:

  • The video resolution and image quality -if you want dash cam that provides you crystal clear images you have go for dash cams with 4K resolution otherwise you can go for 1080 p resolution which offers good quality images and video.
  • The Cost -what is your budget and how much do you have spent to get that dash cam that matches to your needs.
  • The dash cam is having lithium ion-based battery or capacitor type battery, as the later have more durability as well withstand extremities in climate and temperatures as well.
  • The dash cams come with SD card or not, if it is providing what is the maximum space you want.
  • What type of mounting method can be used whether it is mounted using a suction cup or adhesive mounts.
  • Ease in installation and navigation.

Is it better to have a front or rear dash cam?

If the accident or the incident of threat had occurred from the rear end of your vehicle front dash cam cannot give you footage to that a rear dash cam can only give you footages from the backside of the vehicle both making comprehensive evidence that can show proof for whose fault it was.

Where is the best place to mount a dash cam in a truck?

The front dash cam should be mounted on to the windshield whereas the rear dash cam should be mounted on to the interior of the rear window.

Summing it up

The pickup trucks also need to be installed with front and rear dash cam for their safety and surveillance. We have discussed the dash cams that are the best for the pick-up trucks along with their pricing as well as features.

Along with that we have also spoken about those factors that should be kept in mind when while choosing what dash cam to buy for their vehicle as well as we have discussed about the areas of placement for front and rear dash cam.


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