Which Dashcam App Have Motionsense?

These are those apps that comes with motion sense, let us look at them in detail:

  • Auto Boy Dash Cam

The key features of this dash cam app are that it comes continuous background recording as long as the battery is charged as well provides its users with three screen modes in length, width, reverse length and reverse width, this dash cam app supports about nine languages including – Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, German, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish.

Along with that it comes auto deleting record file which does deletes the older files to secure the memory this is done as automatically once the memory is reached full. The Auto Boy Dash Cam app comes with advanced safety features that includes GPS sensor as well Smart Crash Sensor.  

Overall, this app is very handy dash cam app that comes free with the features that allows you to flick between camera option, exposure levels, capture orientation.

  • Auto Guard Dash Cam

This is an app that can be recommended for drivers and truckers. 

The Auto Guard Dash Cam App comes with feature of automatically locking the video footages at the time of a collision as well it records videos at various time intervals to the document you are driving in order to captures the footage at the time of an accident along with it also has the feature to set the length of recording time which continues to record footages following the event of the collision.

Along with this you can add your emergency contact that will receive a call automatically after an accident.

This app captures videos and photos as well and videos captured would contain acceleration patterns current speed, latitude, and altitude and in the event of an accident GPS coordinates will also be available.

  • KM Cam Recorder

This app allows you to use other apps while recording video and one of the best features of this app is considered as its loop recording features and there is feature to limit the storage by setting the user defined storage size.

On the event of when the G-sensor reaches the set values that videos are automatically locked that prevent overwriting from loop recording happening along with this the app also gives speed alerts if you have exceeded limit. The videos can be shared via Bluetooth and Google Drive.

What is the best motion sensor dash cam?

The Nextbase 622GW is considered one of the best in the motion sensor dash cam. This dash cam comes with 4K resolution which gives crystal clear video footages along with it comes with image stabilization technology.

This dash cam comes with an option to add rear cam of 1080 p at 30fps, it carries a wide-angle lens of 140 degree and this dash cam performs well in low light as well as poor weather conditions.

The dash cam comes with built in G-sensor which automatically saves footages to the device on detection of an event of a collision and the sensitivity of this can be adjusted on the touch screen display and it does not miss out on parking mode feature as well.

The other dash cams which can ranked slightly lower to Nextbase 622GW which offers best motion sensor would be:

  • 70mai A800S Dash Cam
  •  Garmin Dash Cam 57
  • Vantrue N4 Pro 3-Channel Dash Cam
  • Garmin Dash Cam Live

Does 70mai have motion detection?

The 70mai dash cam comes with AI motion detection as well as AI collision detection.

By the agent of AI motion detection, the dash cam on recognizing the hit during the parking will at the instance will immediately starts the recording towards direction of the impact and records the footages from that direction leading to capturing the footages from the front as well as from the behind on both sides of your vehicle.

The dash cam also carries AI collision detection which any sort of human activities of suspicion around the vehicle and now by as per calculating the distance from person who is nearby as well as their intention based on this detection the footages are recorded as per this activation and any sort of vandalism or threat like scenarios are recorded and saved.

Is there an app that turns your phone into a dash cam?

By the use of Nexar AI app as well as Smart Dash Cam app you can turn your smartphone in to your dash cam, there are many apps like these which are compatible on iPhone as well on android platforms as well.

Should I turn on motion detection on dash cam?

It is worthy to turn on the motion detection on your dash cam as it come very beneficial in capturing any event following the collision or on the event of the collision that gives you evidence to event for going into further proceedings of insurance claims as well to courts as well.

This works as silent witness that documents any suspicious activity around the place around your vehicle mainly at the time of when it is being parked at places and comes in handy at cases of theft, vandalism ,hit on your vehicle while being parked.

The motion detection offers the drivers with the footages at the time of requirement as well it gives them a peace of mind as well.

Can I turn my iPhone into a dash cam?

Yes, there are number of dash cam apps that are available now which can convert your iPhone as a dash cam.

Summing it up

In the above we have discussed about the dash cam apps that are best in motion sensor and we have listed them as well explained what all features they carry as well.

We have also spoken about Nextbase 622GW dash cam that has the best motion sensor and features of it as well and listed the other dash cam that can placed next to this dash cam in motion sensor and features along with importance of using motion detection of your dash cam.


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