Which Fuse to Use for Dash Cam Parking Mode? expert guide!

The fuse to use for dash cam parking mode is recommended as those fuse slots that are rated between 10A-30A but this you have to make sure to be cross checked with your vehicle’s owner manual,

the usage of this fuse slots would be enough for your dash cam to function properly what you should watch out while connecting the dash cam to fuse slot is to not choose those fuse slots that are responsible for safety features in your vehicle at any cost

Make sure you stick and not run into those fuse slots that are charge of air bags ,horns ,indicators and those fuses that deals with the components of AC ,radio and sunroof are recommended to be safe to be used.

How do you hardwire a dash cam for Parking Mode?

These are the steps you can follow to hardwire your dash cam:

  1. The first step is to locate the fuse box of your car, if this is done you are good to go usually the fuse box is located inside the car or at the engine bay. These fuse sockets might be sealed or covered so now you have to look carefully and remove the seal from the fuse sockets.
  2. Now look for the vehicle manual and follow through the vehicle’s manual to locate the correct the fuse slot that would give enough power for your dash cam to function why you should have to look for the correct fuse slot as certain of them give power only when the ignition is on so in order to avoid such a mishap of connecting your dash cam to any of those fuse slot make sure to stick with your vehicle’s manual as well as you should check not connect with any of those slot that is responsible for your car’s safety features.
  3. On going to the next step, you should know the wires in the hardwire kit as they carry three wires in total which includes constant fuse, ignition-controlled fuse and ground fuse which shall be connected to the fuse box what is the trickier is that part to know which wire is for what purpose so make sure you have good idea on what wire is for what purpose. The constant fuse shall be used to supply constant power to the dash cam without the use of your car’s ignition is being turned on and ignition fuse is for supplying power to your dash when the ignition is being turned on. Now looking at the ground fuse this has to attached to those metal bolt or screws that you can find in your vehicle and they will be available as well ,but make sure that they are clean and free off  dust otherwise they can create discrepancies in supplying power to your dash cam, now how we have to attach the ground fuse is by making the screw or bolt loose so that you can slide the connector underneath and tighten it provide the dash cam with good supply of power. 

How do I know if parking mode is working?

If the parking mode has started and that would be notified to you in two ways which are either through your camera’s screen or through a voice notification, either through these both ways you will get to know that your parking mode feature of your dash cam has started working.

The voice notification comes as Parking mode started as soon as your car’s ignition is off  and when your ignition is on you will get voice notification as Recording one,two,three channel started and another indication that the parking mode feature has started working is that the buttons on the dash cam will be disabled.

Can a dash cam be used as a parking camera?

Most dash cams do not carry parking mode features, there are certain models of dash cams that carries this feature. But when the dash cam has this feature, they can be a good surveillance camera for your car when it is parked at place and your ignition is off.

What is the benefit of parking mode on a dash cam?

There are number of benefits that comes with dash cams that has parking mode features which includes:

  • When the car is parked at place and someone is attempting to damage your vehicle with any physical objects the camera detects such threats in this hibernation of your vehicle or sense the movement and starts recording the footages of the event as well certain dash cams will send you alerts as well when such incident happens, these footages can be your evidence to get culprit and put that person pressed with charges.
  • Any attempt of theft can also be captured by the vehicle when your car is parked, again the dash cam provides you footages as proof of the incident.
  • The footages that you receive via the parking mode feature becomes the concrete evidence that can be not only submitted for court proceeding as well to insurance companies to get your insurance coverage for collision that happened or the damage that had been occurred to your car in proving that it was not your fault that had someone else got involved which proves your innocence.

The parking mode altogether improves safety and surveillance of your car at times where it is being stationery and parked.

Summing it up

There are designated fuse slots where you can connect your dash cam for supply, but there is definite care that should be done to check that those fuse slots are not part of your vehicle’s safety features.

In the above we have discussed about the hardwire kit and what it carries along with each wires purpose as well. The steps to hardwire the dash cam have also been given in detailed manner to follow for the same ,adding on we have also brought up the importance of parking mode in dash cams well.


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