Which Garmin Dash Cam is The Best?

The Garmin Dash Cam 67W is the best Garmin Dash Cam taking a look what all features it is providing its users.

The dash cam comes with two-inch display and the companion app is free off to both android as well as iPhone users as well. The Garmin dash cam comes high quality video resolution of about 1440 p along with wide angle lens of 180 degree which gives great coverage of your car’s surroundings.

Apart from this the Garmin Dash cam comes with microphone which works well with your voice command along with this the Garmin dash cam has built in GPS and Wi-Fi capabilities. The dash cam comes with lane departure and red-light warning that also comes along with the collision detection that comes to your rescue at the times of threat or collision scenario.

The dash does not miss out to provide its users with 16 GB SD cards for storage of the footage collected.

Overall, the Garmin dash cam has features that sets it apart but the price that this dash cam is offered can burn hole in your pocket as this is priced at $223.30 which is quite expensive,

so if you are looking for a dash cam under this price range then Garmin Dash Cam 67 W is good choice to go for.

What is the #1 dash cam?

The dash cam that comes as number #1 is the Nextbase 622GW, let us look at what makes this dash cam the best among the other models of dash cams available in the dash cam market.

The Nextbase 622GW dash cam comes with 4K resolution as well as with a wide-angle lens of 140 degrees, the very presence of 4K resolution is guaranteed to give you crystal clear images and footages along with this it comes with image stabilization as well as comes with a solution to the glare coming from the windshield to tackle this the dash cam is provided with polarized lens which cuts off the glare.

The dash cam offers Emergency SOS to which at time of any emergency the location of your vehicle and medical history will be transmitted as well this along works with the collision detection feature with help of G- sensors which records the collision on detecting through as well as locking and saving the video for future reference as such.

The dash cam does not limit itself to the front cam as it comes with cabin add on and rear-view dash cams. There Nextbase 622GW is definitely the premium dash cam you can look for as it comes at a price of $399.99.

Are Garmin Dashcams any good?

The Garmin Dash cam are those dash cams that comes handy to the features they offer, they are typically smaller dash cam that comes a quite premium pricing as such, with superior video quality with wide angle lens that gives full view of the surroundings as well.

Is Garmin coming out with a new dash cam?

On January 4 ,2023 the Garmin announced that now the driver can access to exterior view of the vehicle which is called as Garmin Dash Cam live by the company with the subscription of this Garmin LTE now the users can get access to anything that is in the sight of the Dash Cam live ,

this will offer the dash cam with complete view of the surroundings along with that it also safety alerts or incident alerts giving the driver a sense of peace of mind and keep the alertness on and this LTE features comes out without the limitation of the Wi-Fi as well.

This feature would help you to store footages for 24 hours and to view and access the footages you can use Garmin Dash Cam App along with this the drivers gets the premium features controlling the cameras with the voice command option as such.

Does Garmin Dash Cam work when car is off?

Garmin Dash Cam can work even the car is off as it comes with parking mode features ,

so once your engine is off and you have done the settings for parking mode the dash cam starts recording the footage 10 seconds before and 20 seconds after detecting the threating motion and on further during this time any collision or threat is detected it can save up to 20 seconds of additional video as such.

Is Garmin 57 better than 67W?

The Garmin 57 comes with a wide-angle lens of 140 degrees whereas Garmin Dash Cam 67 W comes with w wide angle lens of 180 degrees as both comes well in quality video recording as well as their compact design along with video resolution of 1440 p.

If you are someone who loos for dash at a premium pricing with wide angles lens of 180 degree so that you geta better coverage of your car’s surroundings then Garmin Dash Cam 67W is better to what Garmin 57 W offers.

Looking at other features like built in GPS, battery life, collision detection as well as their design both the dash cam is fair enough and there are in differences to make by.

These both dash cams comes with driver assistance as well their accessibility works well as they are integrated with G -sensors. The video quality of both the dash cams remains same but their field of differs so users must take up what they want is limited field of view of higher field of view and decide accordingly.

Summing it up

The Garmin Dash Cam has superior video quality features offering you high quality images and footages as well, it also comes with companion app which is free as well.

The Garmin 67W is one such best dash cam from the company that offers wealthy amount of features that comes with a premium pricing as well.

In the above we have also discussed about yet another dash cam that is best with its features that is the Nextbase 622GW.


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