Which Nissan Models Have 360 Camera?

In today’s modern Nissan models are equipped with 360-degree camera system, Also called Around View Monitor (AVM) or Intelligent Around View Monitor.

Here are those Nissan models with 360 Camera :

  1. Nissan Altima
  2. Nissan Maxima
  3. Nissan Murano
  4. Nissan Rogue
  5. Nissan Pathfinder
  6. Nissan Armada
  7. Nissan Titan
  8. Nissan Ariya
  9. Nissan Kicks
  10. Nissan Rogue Sport
  11. Nissan LEAF
  12. Nissan Versa
  13. Nissan Sentra
  14. Nissan Frontier
  15. Nissan TITAN
  16. Nissan TITAN® XD
  17. Nissan GT-R

NOTE📝 Every car’s features can vary model by model year and trim level so, make sure that. We collect that data from official Nissan website for the most up-to-date information,

Nissan Around View Monitor Aftermarket Available?

Nissan’s Around View Monitor (AVM) system was primarily available as a factory-installed option on new Nissan vehicles. It’s designed to be integrated into the vehicle’s existing electronics and is not typically available as an aftermarket add-on.

Nissan’s Around View Monitor (AVM) system mainly comes with factory-installed with new-gen Nissan vehicles. Tere is no option for an ‘AVM’ aftermarket add-on.

Nissan All Around View

If you don’t need the company one but want any aftermarket 360-degree camera systems

then, some third-party companies or stores claim to set up aftermarket 360-degree camera systems in any car, they are installing such systems with complexity and it will be called modifications to the vehicle’s wiring and electronics.

Over that, aftermarket systems do not provide the same level of integration compared to factory-installed AVM systems.


if you are someone who doesn’t want to play with your vehicle’s wiring and electronics, as originality is very precious.

💡You should go for Wireless Camera System – because it provides massive advantages like- Parking Protection, Accident Evidence Gathering, Improved Driving Behavior, Anti-Fraud Protection, Capturing Scenic Drives, Parental Monitoring and Reduced Insurance Premiums.

Very Important right?

AMTIFO Dual 360 ° Rotation Cameras -Wireless with Plug and Play

How Does Nissan 360 Camera Work

We already know Nissan’s 360-degree camera system called Around View Monitor or (AVM),

it actually works using multiple cameras strategically placed around the vehicle ( on the front grille, both side mirrors, and the rear of the vehicle)

after that, image processing came in to place by a central computer which stitches the individual camera views together to create a composite, bird’s-eye view

now, in our infotainment Display shows the vehicle’s position in the center and a top-down view of the area around it. also, the display shows the gridlines and obstacle avoidance for park assistance.

In NISSAN AVM systems allow the driver to select different viewing modes, bird’s eye, front rearview and very importantly split-screen mode that combines the bird’s-eye view with a close-up view of one side of the vehicle. when the driver engages the reverse gear or activates the parking assistance feature

It really helps to calculate distance between the vehicle and nearby obstacles or vehicles. also makes parking in tight spaces much easier and safer.

How Does Nissan Overhead Camera Work

Nissan’s 360-degree camera system (AVM) creates a virtual overhead view of your surroundings through multiple cameras which strategically placed on the front grille, both side mirrors, and the rear of the vehicle.


Nissan’s 360-degree camera system or any other car’s 360-degree camera system calibration is a critical process to ensure that the cameras are accurately capturing and displaying the perfect vehicle’s surroundings.


At first, vehicle is placed in a specific position in companies place because only can be set up in Nissan-authorized service centers by trained technicians

then, AVM system is installed in the car it requires an initial Process called calibration with cameras, and sensors

through specialized Nissan software tools and diagnostic equipment to adjust camera angles

After the initial calibration is completed they make sure everything is ok through verification process.


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