Which Resolution Is Best for Dash Cam?

The resolution recommended for dash cams is 1080 p Full HD as this has a resolution of 1920 x1080 pixels, the quality of footages that comes with this resolution is of high quality.

The dash cams with this resolution gives footages that contains license plates of vehicles with no missing of details and all the critical details are captured with superior clarity as well as images captured by the dash cam would be of high-definition as well.

This resolution will work in favor of those who do driving on a day-to-day basis at the aim of improving of road safety as well.

The 1080 p resolution is the industry standard that had been in use for many years in the dash cam industry.

There is no debate whether 2K or 4K offer crisp and clear footages in comparison to the 1080 p resolution but what happens as the result of using this higher resolution

is that the footages would be higher file size which would take up huge amount of space on the storage device you are using and over the time with the usage of this

2K or 4K your storage device will get exhausted and you will have to add in change the storage device that offers more space occupancy.

Is 4K better than 1080p for dash cam?

The Dash cams that come 4K resolution offers images and video that are crystal clean in comparison to the dash cam that comes with 1080 p resolution and 4K is four time the 1080-pixel resolution .

4K resolution is also known by the name of Ultra High Definition and what comes best as of this resolution is that at the instance of zooming your footage you get no distortion as well as these dash cams with 4K resolution can give you footages with full details such as license plates in low light conditions at the time of moving through at higher speeds.

The 4K dash cams covers footages with their 180 degree rotating lens which gives you larger coverage of the surrounding area and comes handy in the case of providing concrete evidences at the times of high speed car chases as well as accidents without slow motion mode,

if you want to look for superior quality footage as your evidence at the instance of any road rage or car chases as well accidents your best choice should be 4K as there is no details and clarity will be missed out on this.

What dash cam has the best resolution?

The dash cams that come 4K resolution are often the dash cams that have a premium pricing so if you go for such premium dash cams 4K becomes the best pal to your high-quality video recording.

The 4K resolution is available on dash cams such as VIOFO A139 Pro, BlackVue DR970X, Thinkware U3000, Nextbase 622GW,Blueskysea B4K,Thinkkware U1000,ThiEYE T5e.

Should I get 30fps or 60fps dash cam?

6O fps will give you footages will superior quality even at the time you have slowed down the video as a whole.

The videos captured 60 fps dash cam and 30fps dash cam will differ as 60 fps footage would appear smoother in comparison to 30 fps, as 60 fps is capable of capturing more underlying data than 30 fps and this has more number of frames per second.

Again, what should not be missed out is that bigger frame rate and great video resolution also comes with bigger file size as well.

Do you really need 4K dash cam?

The requirement of the resolution in your dash cam comes down to what you aim is from capturing the footages

of what elements of the work that you carry would be benefited by the dash cam so let is put it out as this way if you are someone who drives in day light and low -lighting conditions like in the night time where you need clarity footages for your mode of driving along

with if you are someone who go for travel vlogs as such you can choose 4K dash cams and you need high quality dash cams that does not loose quality when slowed down on your videos you can go for dash cams with higher frame rate.

Summing It up

If you are looking for stunning visuals for your social media and travel vlogs do not miss out getting 4K resolution dash cam as they offer crystal clear images and footages but what should be not missed out is that the recommended dash cam resolution as per the industry standards for years have been 1080 p resolution.

The higher the resolution the bigger the file size be, so chose accordingly prioritizing your needs.

In the above we have discussed the dash cams that comes with 4K resolution as well.


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