Why Do i Need Gps on Dash Cam?

The GPS feature on your dash cam become of help of great extent when your vehicle has got involved in a collision or an accident wherein you might need footages that shows your speed as well the location of your vehicle, which provides the accurate information which can be presented to the police as well as insurance company as proof.

As the GPS data shows your exact location of your vehicle which would become beneficial in the case where your vehicle gets involved in rockslide or a deer this GPS connectivity becomes your savior that pinpoints your location details.

What does GPS mean on a dash cam?

The GPS feature on your dash cam is basically a satellite navigation system that provides you will the location details along with the speed of your vehicle that comes in the dash cam footages which comes of great help to you in the instance of collision or accident.

Modern dash cams come with built in GPS feature that allows them to capture video footages showing the speed, time, location details moving along their way in the road.

In what instance this GPS can help you is that when an event of collision or accident happens this feature would show your exact location as well what speed were your vehicle was running on which can become very useful evidence which can be submitted as police evidence as for claiming your insurance as such.

Even in the instance of speeding tickets this GPS feature can come to your rescue if you are falsely accused you can prove your innocence as by submitting the footages that shows your exact speed details at instance of time.

In reality these dash cams that is coming with GPS connectivity would provide the driver or the vehicle owner a peace of mind as well as safety and security in your driving journey.

How accurate is a dash cam GPS?

The dash cam GPS records the details of speed, location with time stamp on the video footages and this is most accurate unless there are not much trees or buildings in the areas of the satellite reception it is most likely that you will get footages with proper readings on location as well as on the speed.

The data that the dash cam with GPS shows will be most accurate and this will help fleet owner to keep track of their employees’ movements as well this feature in most dash cam does not come with any monthly fees but there are few dash cam that comes with subscription fees as such.

Is there a GPS with Dashcam?

There are number of dash cams that comes with GPS connectivity, these are listed below:

  1. BlackVue DR770X -This dash cam comes with front, rear, and interior coverage with video resolution of 1080 Full HD at 30fps adding along this dash also carries intelligent parking mode with built in voltage monitor. It has built in Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity along emergency SOS button.
  2. Thinkware U3000 -The dash cam has 4K UHD front cam and 2K QHD rear camera along with super night vision features, also carries built in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity. It also has advanced safety features such as built in RADAR sensor and Advanced Driver Assist System.
  3. Garmin Dash Cam Live- The dash cam comes with 2K QHD video recording along with a wide-angle lens of 140 degree with 3 inches built in LCD display and its safety features carry lane departure warnings and forward collisions and with using Garmin Drive App you can check the location anytime with the use of LTE subscription.
  4. BlackVue DR970X -This dash cam comes with 4K Ultra HD with a wide-angle lens of 155 degrees. It carries native parking mode with built in voltage monitor as well with built in motion and impact detection. The dash cam comes with built in GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity as well as Bluetooth connectivity.

Can you add GPS to dash cam?

These GPS antennas are plugged directly to those dash cams that are compatible to the external GPS antennas so check that in product details compatibility list.

Summing it up

The modern dash cams come with GPS connectivity along with other features, however certain dash cams provide this feature as with subscription fee.

We have listed a few of those dash cams that comes with built in GPS connectivity above as well we have talked about other features of those dash cams as well.

The GPS also known by Global positioning system is satellite-based navigation systems that provides you with speed, location detail in your dash cam footages with time stamps and these footages comes to your rescues in times of accidents and speeding tickets.


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