Why Does a Dash Cam Need Wifi?

The dash cam that comes with Wi-Fi capability gives you the ease in transferring files from your dash cam to your device of choice which could be smartphone or PC, if not then you have to manually remove the SD card from the dash cam and then put into your device for viewing the footages.

By the use of dash cams with Wi-Fi connectivity there is no need for removing the SD card for the purpose of reviewing your dash cam footages as well this would help you to present footages as evidence to the police in no time as you can view the footage in real time and download and as well share it the purpose in the heat of collision or accident that had occurred.

What comes as benefit of dash cam with built in Wi-Fi is that you remotely get the task of accessing the dash cam footages done and at the instances of accident there is quick access that happens that saves your time and gets you in no more trouble as the footages shows the who’s side had the mistake that had cause the accident or the collision to happen.

It is always a good feature to have Wi-Fi connectivity in your dash cam.

What is the difference between Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi dash cam?

The Wi-Fi dash cams comes with seamless transfer of files as in such that you can transfer the footages or files of your dash cam to tablets or smartphones wirelessly through which you can see footages on the device as well as control the setting without the need for the downloading the footages.

Now coming to the case of dash cam that do not come with Wi-Fi connectivity here there is zero chance of seamless transfer as here to review the footages captured by the footages you have remove the SD card of your dash cam manually in order to control the settings as well view footages.

Well, by now you might have understood which type of dash cam which come as great help when your vehicle has got involved in a collision or an accident, the dash cams with Wi-Fi connectivity will help you get you the access the footages in no time as well as download and share to the police as a good source of evidence that can prove your innocence.

Can Dashcams be tracked?

In order to track the vehicle you will require GPS coordinate well most dash cam with GPS connectivity through which you can get time,place,speed,road names, along with the position with of the other cars along with your vehicle what works the best the GPS will capture the speed before the occurrence of any incident of accident or collision.

Those dash cams that comes with GPS connectivity helps you in real time fleet management as well gives peace of mind to drivers.

Do dash cameras record all the time?

The dash cams turn on when the ignition is on and goes off when the ignition is off, this is what you will see in most dash cam unless they come up parking mode features.

The case that dash cam runs only when the ignition is on is to the fact that they are connected 12V accessory outlet that supplies power only when the engine on,

whereas those dash cam that comes parking mode feature are directly connected to the vehicle’s electrical system which supplies the power to the dash cam when the car is parked at a place and engine off by which the footages are captured from the surroundings of your car from the parking space.

What are the pros and cons of having a dash cam?


  • Provides you with concrete evidence in times of an accident or collision which can be submitted to the police or to the insurance companies as proof.
  • Aids in parking as the rear dash cam shows the distance between your back of vehicle and objects there in parking space.
  • Works as a parental monitoring in regards to young drivers.


  • It can be very distracting to the driver.
  • Very intrusive can lead to invasion of privacy.

Summing it up

There are dash cams in the market that comes with Wi-Fi connectivity as well as without Wi-Fi connectivity.

In the above we have discussed about the benefit of having those dash cams with Wi-Fi connectivity as without the Wi-Fi connectivity there is zero chance for seamless transfer of files from the dash cam to your PC or smartphone.

Those dash cams without the Wi-Fi connectivity are of no use at the time of emergency of an collision or an accident as you can no fast access to the footage as well as downloading and sharing it to police could not happen in a quick time.


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