Why Does My Camera Keep Turning On Off [Best 5+ Fixes]

There are many reasons why does my camera keep turning on and off, let us put into more detailed as progress through this article.

Along with the understanding of what the reasons why your dashcam is going off along with that we will also be looking at simple fixes to those as well.

The aspect of understanding this is trivial as providing evidence to the authorities in case of events of threats or collision or any other hazardous events.

Why Does My Camera Keep Turning On Off: Reasons and Fixes

Let us look the reasons to which dash cams are not working, they are as follows:

  • Power issues: This is based on how the power cable is connected to the dash cam, and if the wiring is not done properly the power outlet cannot supply the required amount of energy for the dash cam to function. Any case of loose connection should be avoided at any cost. (How Much Does It Cost to Install a Dashcam?)
  • The problem with memory card: The dash cam can fail to work if the memory card is corrupted, even when the other factors are fine, with a corrupted storage device nothing work well. So kindly check at your memory card and replace the one with new SD card and check for dash cam working. If not working.
  • The hardwiring of the Dash cam: Check proper hardwiring to your dash cam, as this ensures the power reaches the dash cam and gives full functioning to their potential. The hardwiring keeps a clean look to the wiring.
  • Next look for the settings: If the setting is not the right, the Dash Cam will not work and will turn off. Check the setup for “Auto Power’ ’this is done to save battery power. So, make sure this setting is not turned on, as this setting is found on the menu. Look at the settings and do the work accordingly.
  • The problem to your power source: The dash cam that functions on battery can become faulty if there is problem with existing battery, so the battery must be replaced in such a case.
  • Failure in installation of the dash cam: The dash cams are installed with the help of suction cups or adhesives; the ideal position would be near the windshield to give a proper view to the driver without the obstruction of view. If the installation is not done properly with the required proper setup with wiring, the dash cams wont function.

From the we can understand the reasons why which your dash cams are turning off, and the details to malfunctioning.

What Causes a Camera to Lose Power?

The cameras run on lithium iron battery, so if there are discrepancies in functioning of this battery you can lose the power, and the dash shuts down as the settings goes off. This can happen because of the battery being inactive for weeks as well.

Let us understand how get the battery working on:

The best is to try troubleshooting to check for any further issues before looking into warranty issues by contacting the manufacturer. You can try trouble shooting by keeping it at charge at a required amount of time, if still the settings go off check for professional help or contact the manufacturer.

For other types of cameras try with power outlets according to their power requirements, this is of ease for USB type cameras as their chargers are very easy to handle and charge the camera without much sophistication.

How to Resolve Frozen Dash Cam Screen?

There are chances of getting your dash cam getting frozen at the time of adverse cold weather. When the screen freezes it turns to white or black screen, when you have turned on the dash Cam. This can reset you dash cam and get the screen working, let us look at other possibilities to resolve the frozen dash cam and they are as following

The steps to resolve:

First try removing SD card and pressing the power button what you should not miss out if the SD card being used here does not sufficiently meet the requirements of your Dash cam, it can lead to scenarios of the dash cam not working as such.

Once you have removed the dash cam’s SD card, and tried to reset the dash cam and the issue persists let us try another step. Next try the hard reset, to do there is hole on dash cam also called as Reset hole, try poking on to this and look for hard reset. Now you might be thinking how to go about this even by following most of these steps and yet nothing new happens. You have tried the above step until the dash cam turns on, after this step once the dash cam turns try replacing SD card with a high-speed SD card.

Another hack you can try is to check for the power supply, what happens is that when the power supply gets unstable it can lead to freezing of screen as well among the other reasons listed above.

If you are someone who uses power cables from previous dash cam that had been in use, by using the older power cable for the current one leading to failure of turning on the screen as its expectancy of life have been over and this can become additional reason to the screen being frozen. Trying any of these above steps can be beneficial in resolving the frozen screen scenario.

How Long Does Dash Cam Footage Last?

When we are talking about how long the footages last, the main factor that decides this is the loop writing, it is as per the loop writing the footages on the dash cam lasts. Let us understand this in detail.

The loop recording comes to your rescue in the case of writing over the older footage at times of low running space and the dash cam must record new footages to it as well.

The next factor that decides how long the footage going to last is the maximum dash cam record time. The other factors are as follows:

  • The storage capacity of the SD card
  • The resolution of the video being captured: Larger the resolution the storage capacity would be also compromised to keep the videos safely.
  • Also, keep in mind How Long Do SD Cards Last?

8 GB SD card capture about -55 minutes of footages

The Higher the storage space, it would be able to capture the footages for prolonged amount of time.

  • The number of views captured on

Is Dash Cam Draining for Your Battery?

The dash cams are good way to keep things in view to avoid the incidents of threat, so keeping up with them comes with a cost, is it let see what unfolds.

The Dash cam uses about 5 watts of energy from its power source, if you are someone who uses them at a particular time and not always round the clock, then your battery has no stake in getting its battery drained.

The battery draining can happen based on how the dash cam has been set that it is what way it connected to the power source of your car as well as what are setting it been put up for recording the footage.

How to save your battery in such a scenario?

The solution to such a scenario is to set proper parking mode hardwiring kit, if you dash cam has been set up to take power with the help of this hardwire kit then are very less chances for your battery to be vulnerable to battery draining. There are options to avoid battery draining in parking mode if you opt for voltage monitoring system or a battery pack.

The success of saving your battery from getting drained is based on how well you club this option and find an optimal solution that works well for you.

What Is the Necessity for Gps in Your Dash Cam?

The GPS is a huge necessity to your Dash Cam as these records the time, date, location, and this would be very handy in the case of incident of threat or hazard had happened and brings proper evidence to follow through post the incident. Apart from the date and time they also record speed information as well.

The GPS enabled dash cam system gives a sense of peace of mind and relaxation to the driver, as most important things along the driveways are recorded and given details at the instance of any incident that needs to be reported.

Steps to Improve the Video Quality of Your Dash Cam?

  • Before your purchase do a thorough research on the dash cam that provides high resolution images or videos, this a decision that comes in handy when you look for purchasing a dash cam, and this what brings the clarity to the video, higher the resolution better the video quality.
  • Keep your camera and lens clean: when the surface of the lens is covered with debris it is more likely to give you a video or images that’s ’blurry or faded.
  • Proper positioning of the dash cam: If the installation of the dash cam is not at the right place, it’s going to capture the sky and not the field of view leading to quality of video reduce drastically

Summing It up

The dash cam comes with set up that is more of any easy fix and the problems to those is to understand as well. The smallest things come with problems that can occur if we are a bit careless along the installation process, or not maintaining it thoroughly with looking out for it by taking proper care of it. Like any other electronic device, the Dash Cams comes with problems that are fixable if identified correctly. The easy fixes to problems recurred have been explained and given solution above.


What causes a dash cam to stop working?

Most common reasons for dash cam to stop working is lack of power supply among other factors.

What percentage of drivers have dashcams?

One in six drivers have dash cam that adds about 18% in total.

What is the lifespan of a dashcam?

If it is of good quality, it can last about 1-2 years, and may be of decent quality around for 6 months.