Why Don’t Cars Have Built in Dash Cameras? If Not, Then Why?

The dash cams are very important aspect to providing vehicle security systems, and it has benefits that add up to providing the driver with view of the surroundings without missing out on details that are required to give the details about a threat that is bound to comes, or in the case of collision it gives solid footage which would present itself as great evidence to authorities to give full details about the incident of threat that had happened.

As per the type of dash cam used, the footage gets recorded from all points of the vehicle making to the point the minute details will not get missed out. However, with leading out on the benefits there are only a certain number of car companies that provides in built dash cam in their respective models, and many of them misses out on providing the dash cam in their cars.

Further through this article we will be looking at what the reasons to which car manufacturers miss out on providing them, apart from that we will be looking at other factors that adds up to this. The benefits of the dash cams come with a cost as well, in further we will be looking to the privacy concerns this is claimed to arise, due to its usage. Let us move ahead and understand this better through this article.

Do Any Cars Come with A Built-In Dash Cam?

All car manufacturers are not same, as certain brands of cars comes with built in dash cam that is do not add up to additional cost to owners making it as ease to the owners as do not have to install an additional dash cam and bear expenses over that, and these companies does good job at it. The following list of cars that comes with in built dash cams are as follows:

  • Tesla- The tesla has a complete system of dash cam that gives footages as a full view along with the sentry mode which works as a surveillance system in the parking mode, apart from the provision of footage they also work as an alert system when threat is detected.
  • Subaru -The dash cam that comes sin Subaru comes as the Subaru eyesight, even though might not be completely functioning dash cam but it does the basics of the dash functioning and these models include Subaru WRX, Impreza, Legacy, Outback, Ascent.
  • Mercedez Benz-In this it is available on E, A, CLA, CLS, GLA, GLC, GLS, GLB, and GLE Class models.
  • BMW – The dash cams are available on models like 3 Series, 7 Series, X5, X7, and other models.
  • Toyota-In Toyota dash comes in models like Toyota Sienna Hybrid, Venza, Prius, RAV4, Sequoia Hybrid, Camry, Highlander, Tundra, and Tacoma models.
  • Cadillac – The 2023 Lyriq offers surround vision which works as a dash cam that provides front and rear recording footage.
  • BYD

Should Every Car Have a Dash Cam?

By now you would have understood the importance of dash cams in your car, if not then will look at it better, the answer is to say YES, the dash cam is very worthy to your car as it is not just another security camera that does its job very decently, it comes with its own benefits   as well as factors that can raise questions to you on its presence on your car.

What is indisputable is that it gets you the concrete evidence  in the dire need at times of collision ,theft or vandalism the footage that gets recorded comes with all the necessary details that’s required to go ahead to the authorities at the times of rift as well as claim your side and it doesn’t end here it again becomes a fair amount of evidence to the insurance claims to get your side verified in the times of accident claim or the incidents of road rage as well.

To get a better understanding of why it must be on your car apart from the facts there are certain things that should not be missed out as very benefit comes with a price to you that should be considered while thinking about whether these dash cams should be a necessity to you or not. Let us see what is there to know about the dash cams that can make you come at a decision to decide whether this is a necessity or not to your car:

What you are considering to be looked at?

  • Provision of providing you concrete evidence -these dash cams are called as silent witness to the function to perform they works as very reliable witness who does the great job of capturing the footages without missing out on any details that might of great use in representing the footage as proper evidence to the authorities in case of collision or road rage.
  • Prevents frauds or scam -certain set of people who show up false claims as to the damages to their vehicle from your vehicle, can be caught at no mercy with the help of the footages from these dash cams, in this way you can ease out on what you could have gone into legalities of a false charge as well as this can be good way by which accident claims could not be miss used as the evidence comes legit and concrete.
  •  Gives you an analysis of your driving skills and patterns that needs to be looked after, the footages that you see on the screen gives a clear idea where your driving must be improved, what are hits and misses you end up doing.
  • The dash cam works as an alert system which aids to sense any kind of threat when the car goes into a parking mode, in Tesla cars they end up pulsing the headlights if sensors detect any kinds of threat to the car.
  • Parental monitoring -This is possible as if you are parent  who is very tensed on how the first drive of your child can look like, or you have questions on how are they going to be safe on the road .So if you are someone who looks out for this ,dash cam can make an ease on you and loosen up on your worries as dash cam that comes with  G-sensors which gives accidents alerts as well as they can give first time drivers an idea about the driving skills as you can closely monitor the footage and learn from the mistakes you see on the screen.

What is not be missed out on?

  • It can become a distraction to the driver -looking at the screen, can lead to distraction while driving, as it carries down to how the placement of dash cam is at.
  • There is question about the lack of privacy, as you can see the footages gets recorded from inside and outside the car as well, so when the passengers are inside the footage of their faces comes in the recordings as well as when the footages are coming outside the vehicles this can also come with recordings of license plates and faces of individuals as well. If the footages are recorded without the consent of the individuals it leads to invasion of privacy, if the footages are used for other purposes without the consent.
  • Additional installation comes with a price as only few car companies provide in built dash cams, so if you are planning to install dash cam to your car be ready to take up the expense you are going to render.

Why are not dash cam added to car in the factory?

As we have spoken earlier about fact that only certain car companies have the provision of built in dash cam in their car models whereas other car companies do not come with built in dash cams, will be looking at reason why which car manufacturers are not adding dash cams to their cars, will look at them and understand the reasons behind them:

  • Incur on manufacturing costs and increase the expenses and brings the chance of increasing price of the car- a certain amount of money would add up for the fact of adding dash cam on the car, and this can increase the manufacturing cost which will lead to raising the price of the car.
  • There are standards that prohibits the minimum amount of thigs that can be installed to the dash board, so when the dash board get too added as air bags are also part of this, this can leave to violating the safety standards.
  •  It changes the aesthetics of the car which the car manufacturers fear that would make the car unattractive, that can affect the consumers choice about the car.
  • Legalities issues that arise because of the different laws in different cars, as car nowadays are sold all over the world so if the dash cams are added in the car models it can be used only on certain part of the world and whereas in other parts it can get illegal.

Do New Cars Have Hidden Cameras?

It isn’t a new thing that your car might be having those hidden camera or microphones in them, see this could be illegal in your location whereas in other parts of the world its not .But if you suspect there are hidden cameras its good to go ahead and get it checked ,so as to not loose your privacy as there are suspected reports of footages being recorded by hidden camera and that these are watched and seen by the employees of a car company who keep a watch on the drivers activities ,and there are multiple reports of those types of incidents in the internet. These cameras are possible to threat to security as well as its an easy prey to hacking and can lead to security issues for you. So, if you wish to not to incur these types of issues go ahead and look for a solution that works well for your security and privacy.

Summing it up

The article has spoken about the different aspects of having a dash cam, and how relevant its for the times as of now. We have also spoke about pros and con’s of having them in your car and why certain brands of car companies are not preferring them as well. The dash cam has benefits as well as factors that can question you about its installation on your car.


How many cars have dashcams?

It is estimated that one in five dash cams are having dash cams

Do Dashcams drain car battery?

If the footages are continuously are recorded at night over the parking mode it leads to parking mode.

Do dashcams run while car is off?

Most dash cams are designed to turn off when the ignition is off.


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