Why Don’t New Cars Have Dash Cameras?

There are only certain car companies that provides built -in dash cams in their car models where other car companies do not provides dash cam in their models, which can be attributed due to the following reasons:

  1. Incurring cost that comes as result of adding dash cam to the car increases the production cost which can in turn increase the price of the car.
  2.  There is huge concern on safety and liability due to which the car manufacturers think that these dash cams can become element of distraction to the drivers leading to diverting their attention from driving.
  3. The legal issues that come with the use of dash cam in various countries, as not all states allow the usage of dash cam this can become huge problem when cars are installed with dash cam as built in as cars are just not manufactured for one country along.
  4. The aesthetics of the interiors of car should not get compromised with dangling wires or those loose wires if the dash cam are not kept discreet it can make change in consumer preferences, so in order to maintain overall aesthetics the car manufacturers do not make built-in dash cam in their models.

Is it a good idea to have a dash cam in your car?

It is good to have a dash cam in your car, as it acts as additional layer of security or another set of eyes that works as a system which provides security and surveillance to your vehicle.

The dash cam with dual channels will provide you with footages from the front of your vehicle and rear cam gives you footages from the backside of your vehicle, rear dashcam option its very important!

so if the accident or any other forms of road rage activities occurs these footages comes to great help in case of going to police.

  • They make concrete evidence which can be submitted to the insurance companies as well to the police as evidence in supporting your claims as well as prove your innocence if you are falsely accused.
  • Aids as a form of monitoring to parents for teen -drivers.
  • The footages from the dash cam especially from the backside can aid you in parking as well as reversing as it gives you an idea of how much space is there between your vehicle as well as the objects behind the vehicle.
  • Extra layer of security, with the usage of dash model which carries parking mode captures footages of any event of threat such as theft or vandalism while your vehicle is being parked at a place.

Do cars come fitted with dash cam?

There are certain car companies who provide dash cams in their models, and these car companies include:

  1. BMW
  2. Tesla
  3. Subaru
  4. Mercedez Benz
  5. Cadillac
  6. Toyota
  7. BYD

Do you really need GPS on a dash cam?

There are quite some benefits that comes down with the usage of dash cams with GPS connectivity ,while you are using your dash cam to capture recording with the GPS connectivity while you are moving along a location the speed details ,

as well as location details are all recorded with time stamp which can come of great use to you if you are accused of any kind of speeding ticket since the location details are also recorded on your video footages this also comes handy at the case of any instance of accident or collision ,so  GPS connected dash cam is recommended.

Is a Dashcam bad for a car battery?

Most dash cam that we see in the dash cam market turn on when the ignition is on and goes off when the ignition is off, so they only work if they get work but if there are discrepancies in the way they are connected to record or how they are connected to your vehicle decides the toll that the dash cam would have on your vehicle’s battery.

Those dash models which have parking mode feature can drain your vehicle’s battery if you have left the vehicle for extended period of parking time leading to flat battery.

Summing it up

The are car companies that makes car models with dash cam as built in feature but a lot new car are not equipped as such. In the above we have discussed about those car companies which comes with built in dash cams and the reasons to which car companies are not adding dash cams in their car model have been also talked here.

The dash cam usage can impact the vehicle’s battery if they are not installed properly and this can also happen if you are using dash cam for extensive period of parking mode which makes vehicle battery flat.


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