Will Dashcam Drain Battery (5+ Reason Did You Know?)

Dash cam can drain your car’s battery to a certain extent well this depends what is power source that is connected to the dashcam. The dash cam gets turned ON when the ignition is ON and gets turned OFF when the ignition is OFF.

Now you might be wondering how does the battery drained or you also wonder how the dash cam works when the car is in parking mode, we will be clarifying all these queries through this article. If the dashcam is used to capture footages continuously the it will have a definite impact on the battery of the car, as in most cases the power source of the dashcam is directly connected to the car’s battery.

We can dwell into this article and understand about the workings of the dash cam to understand this better along with that the article will be discussing on the different methods used as well would be recommending steps to avoid battery draining. Through this article you will understand the reasons for battery draining and ways to tackle it as well. Let us move into the article to know better.

Electricity consumption of dash cam

The power usage of dash cam depends on the models you use typically most dash cams use 0.5 and 1.5 amps per hour.

What is the working of your dash cam?

Before we go further in this article, we should how do the dash cam in your car work this can give you clarity on how the dash takes power and gives the output you desire.

The dash cam is installed on to the dashboard or the windscreen this is as per your requirement using mounting agents such as adhesive board or a suction cup ,now when you install the dash cam you need to connect the dash cam to a power source for it to function this is connected via cigarette lighter cable which  supply the power to the dash cam directly from the battery ,

so when the ignition is ON the dash starts recording and when the ignition is OFF it stops recording footage. The footages that get recorded from the front of the car or from the backside of the car now gets stored into the storage device that saves the footage which can be seamlessly transferred to your smartphone or laptop as most dash cam of today comes with WIFI connectivity.

How does dashcam work in parking mode?

A lot of dash cams in the market comes with parking mode features, if you wondering what is a parking mode feature, let me explain in short when your car is parked at a place the dash cam starts recording and if they sense any kind of threat, they can give you alerts and as well as capture footage of the threat or the incident that had happened to your car at the time of parking.

So, when the dash cam detects your car goes into parking mode from car is in motion and this happens without any assistance from the driver from the vehicle owner, certain dash cam comes into parking mode as a result of having built in G-sensor. Now how this happens is that the dash cam senses the change in the voltage when the vehicle ignition gets OFF so it is basically ignition triggered which makes dashcam to start recording in the parking mode.

As there are certain models of dash cam that comes with time lapse features that records footages and images over extended period of time. Basically, dash cam with parking mode features works based on motion and impact detection technology.

Power Methods

By now you have understood that dash cam gets turned ON when the ignition is ON and gets OFF when the ignition is OFF, let us understand how the dash cam works when the ignition is OFF.

  • A common method used to power dash cam when the ignition is OFF is to hardwire the dash cam to the fuse box. Then the next method will be additional set of battery packs.

Hardwiring the dashcam to the fuse box

This is a very effective method as it supplies power to the dash cam 24/7 by eliminating the need of plugging into the cigarette lighter socket. Hardwiring the dash cam make sure there is constant supply of power to the dash cam for its functioning. The method is efficient in providing you with continuous recording for prolonged period of time.

First step to hardwire your dash cam is to find the location of your fuse box, if have located the fuse box then look for right port of your fuse box and connect it to the dash cam’s hardwire kit, the hardwire kit consists of fuse tap or an adapter once this connection is done your dash cam gets continuous supply of power when the ignition is OFF.

Additional set of battery packs

This is a safe method to keep the performance and life of battery safe unlike the hardwiring the dash cam can damage the battery cells.

These battery packs constituent chemicals include Lithium Iron Phosphate that can withstand extreme heat temperatures as well as it can be charged very fast.

How long dashcam records footages?

If your dash cam comes with loop recording features you are at a good hand as newer footages would be overwritten on the older footages to manage the storage this enables the dashcam to captures on a continuous loop. If the dashcam has a higher resolution the video file size would be bigger that can take up good amount of space on your storage device or the SD card you are using. The dash cam capacity to hold footages gets based on their loop recording features, SD card capacity and Video Resolution.

If your dashcam has 4K resolution on a 16GB SD card it have capacity to record footages from 45 minutes to 1.15 hours with 720 P resolution it can last about 2.5 -3 hours, and with a 64 GB card can store about 10 hours of HD video and 32GB Sd card can hold about 4 hours of footage.

How Parking Mode Drains Your Vehicle’s Battery

The parking mode can drain your battery if it is being used for an extended period, such the dash cam has to capture footages for longer period by drawing power supply from the car’s battery over a designated time, at the cost of having the car is parking for a longer period.

What the reasons that can cause battery drain?

These are reasons why dash cam can bring you battery drain as well:

  • The battery has limited capacity this is an important reason as why your dashcam can lead to bring you battery drain because when the capacity of the battery is lower it will not have strength to supply power to dash cam as well since capacity that this has is not enough.
  • The motion detection functions the dashcam carries as when using this function slightest of slighter bumps or vibrations would be recorded and it will affect the storage as well along with that there would be requirement of more electricity for this mode to function, this is a very sensitive function of dashcam that requires good amount of energy.
  • If the dash cam has high resolution video footages it is more likely that the dash will require a good amount of energy to function, as high quality dashcams have longer time of recording leading to battery drain.
  • If you are leaving your car in parking mode for an extended period it can bring your car battery drain.
  • Getting exposed to high extremities of hot and cold climate can have drastic impact on the battery leading to draining of it.

Steps to prevent battery draining

Here are few recommendations to avoid battery draining from dash cam usage, they are as follows:

  1. Usage of battery packs are recommended as they can power the dash cam without the use of car’s battery, so if you leave the dash cam on for several weeks or so it will have no impact on the car’s battery, as this works when the car’s ignition is OFF.
  2. Purchasing good quality dashcam that comes with limited energy consumption.
  3. Make sure to unplug the dashcam when not in use as keeping them on for an extended period of time can affect the battery as such usages requires high energy consumption which will lead to battery draining.
  4. Do not forget to get a dash cam that comes with built in Voltmeter what is the good thing about is that it will help in cut off the power from battery before it runs out of power.
  5. Have a thorough check and maintenance for your car battery for extended battery life consult professional assistance in time of your requirements.

Summing it up

The dash cam is installed for their purposes what they serve the vehicle owners, these dash cam have their own benefits as well as disadvantages as well. Although the energy consumption might be smaller in most dash cam but certain models use good amount of energy consumption. If you are recklessly operating the dash cam by keeping it on for several weeks with no reason as such can lead to battery. In this article we have also discussed the major reasons of battery drain as well methods to prevent battery drain as well, so accordingly take care of car’s battery life by following them.


Is it OK to leave dash cam in car?

It will keep recording the footages when you are not driving, at the time you when you leave the dash cam always plugged in.

Does hardwiring a dash cam drain car battery?

This can drain your battery as dashcam gets the power when the car is parked.

Can I leave my dashcam on 24 7?

Certain models of dash cam allow capturing the footage even when the car is turned off.

Is it worth putting a dash cam?

Yes, it is worth putting giving what benefits it carries to the vehicle owner.


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